"new" Trinus VR early access 0.3.7 vs. "old" version 2.1.5

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    I used an older version of TrinusVR some time ago. With this version 2.1.5 I could use SteamVR without major problems.
    Now TrinusVR won’t initialize the connection to my phone, but tells me I have to update to a newer version.

    So I downloaded the newer version (which is interestingly called “Early Access 0.3.7” ?!). It connects fine to my phone now, but SteamVR is always crashing and telling me it disabled all Modules (including the one for TrinusVR).

    I also noticed that the “new” Version 0.3.7 of TrinusVR only supports Google Daydream (and compatible phones), wheras the older version 2.1.5 supportet any phone on any VR-headset. This seems a step down to me.

    So my question is: what happened to the technically older, but supportwise superior “old” TrinusVR? And why are we stuck with this current Early Access version with lesser support now?

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    My fault. Sorry. Just found out that “old” TrinusVR was rebranded to “Trinus Cardboard” and “new” TrinusVR is only for Daydream.
    That also explains the strange change in version numbers (Trinus Cardboard is now version 2.2.0)

    Please accept my apology remove!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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