only works in duplicate display 60hz? no extended?

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    hey everyone

    hope someone can give me some ideas,ive run out!

    running the psvr as an extended display just gives me a black screen on startup on both monitor and psvr,cant ctrl+alt+del or do anything,duplicate works but the 60hz refresh is giving me a splitting headache!

    im running win7 gtx970 iiyama monitor at 60hz (144hz max) psvr stuck on 60hz,using psvr cables

    display properties reports max psvr refresh as 60hz,cant go any higher,as its classed as a generic monitor.

    what ive tried so far:

    custom rez+refresh in nvidia control panel,its ghosted out so cant use.
    setting psvr as primary using cinematic mode then dragging trinus/steamvr over using psvr view.
    running steam/trinus/all steamvr exe’s as admin.
    trinus fullscreen/alt display options.
    checked and reinstalled drivers.
    running monitor @120hz and psvr @60hz

    all result in a black screen in both displays and lockup when starting steamVR.

    any ideas?


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