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    Sorry if you misunderstand me, this is not my native language. I was following “Daley tech” youtube channel tutorial on how to make head tracking. But it appeared that he used vridge instead of trinus. I can’t use vridge (riftcat) because my android 4.4 kitkat is not supported. When i select “FreePIEIO” option in SteamVr window and get inside game it only tracks my Ps move position but not gyroscope. Phone’s gyroscope is also not tracking. So the only thing i can do is move head around but not look around. In vridge it can be easily fixed by checking “phone orientation and freepie”. Is there any way to make it work in trinus the same way? I use this script in FreePIE:
    def update():
    freeTrack.pitch = -freePieIO[0].pitch
    freeTrack.roll = freePieIO[0].roll
    freeTrack.yaw = freePieIO[0].yaw

    #Multiply by 10 for SteamVR use
    freeTrack.x = (freePieIO[0].x * 10)
    freeTrack.y = (freePieIO[0].y * 10)
    freeTrack.z = (freePieIO[0].z * 10)

    if starting:
    freePieIO[0].update += update

    I’m not great at scripting, could you please help me? I haven’t found something similar on this forum so i could fix it.


    yeah problem to me. I am using AIOVR with ps move services(4 camera with 2 motion controller), and it is working but the only problem is that I can’t play using room scale because AIOVR PC has no option for Freepie head tracking(script from daley tech tips). If only this have option AIOVR will be prefect

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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