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    Hi Xavier,

    Thank you for all your work to keep improving Trinus.

    As asked for in some other posts, I’d be really grateful if you could find a way to make previous versions of Trinus PSVR available, while you work on feedback/bugs relating to newer versions.

    I’ve been setting up Trinus, PSMoveService, Nolo over several weeks and am left with a constant slight jitter/wobble with Trinus (and no positional tracking) enabled. I’m sure this wasn’t there when I started, on a previous Trinus PSVR version. I can see in various video guides, Trinus starting with zero jitter wobble.

    Like everyone, I have limited free time. I really don’t want to invest many more hours of trial and error trying to eliminate this problem when one very promising option, using a previous Trinus version, could be tested instantly if made available. Given the long thread on issues with asynchronous reprojection, it seems futile systematically testing refresh rate and SteamVR developer settings when there’s a question over Trinus. The results can’t tell you anything conclusive.

    Thank you,



    I second this I paid for 0.9.8b which worked perfectly. This new update screws up everything. I’ve contacted the developer waiting for a reply.


    Im gonna third this, new update is absolute shit. Hate paying for a product only for an “update” to break it.. And get no support for it..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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