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    I can not make PSVR HMD position tracking work with PSMoveFreepieBridge and Trinus PSVR.
    I followed many tutorials to make it work to no success, so I need help to figure out the right way to do it (I know it’s possible..)

    What I already did:
    – configured and calibrated 2 PSMove controllers with PSMove Service (ID: 1, 2)
    – configured 1 virtual HMD using ping-pong ball with PSMove Service (ID: 0)
    – all PSMove controllers and HMD ball are tracked correctly in PSMoveConfigTool
    – PSMoveFreepieBridge is started with HMD tracking (option 1) device 0 (ID of HMD in PSMove Service)
    – PSVR is successfully configured in Trinus PSVR
    – In Trinus PSVR 0.9.9j I select Tracking > Head Device > “FreePieHead Bridge Position”
    – In previous version of Trinus PSVR 0.9.8c I tried enabling Advanced > “FreePIE Input for SteamVR” checkbox

    Result in Steam VR:
    – my 2 PSMove controllers work correctly (full tracking)
    – PSVR works correctly (rotation only tracking)
    – HMD positional tracking does not work at all

    I am not sure what is wrong, maybe I am starting programs in the wrong sequence? It seems that I have all the pieces needed configured correctly but I am not sure how to make it all work together. Please help..

    What is the right sequence of execution of these programs to make it all connect and properly share virtual HMD position data?

    My setup:

    2x PS3 Eye camera
    2x PSMove controller
    1x Ping-pong ball LED as virtual HMD
    1x PSVR with ping-pong ball attached

    PSMoveSteamVRBridge 1.6
    PSMoveFreepieBridge 1.5
    Trinus PSVR 0.9.9j (also tried with previous version: 0.9.8c)
    Steam + Steam VR

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    I am having the same exact problem. Hopefully someone on this forum can help

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