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    First things first, great work. It is awesome to finally use the PSVR on the pc.

    I have one suggestion that may help people with set up, please add to the How To section that you may have to set the PSVR to the primary screen in Windows. Switch Steam over, then set the prior screen back to primary. Without doing this, the Steam VR (I forgot what it is actually called, the combodulator, or somethin’) SBS window freezes.

    I have searched reddit and these forums and haven’t seen anything mentioned like this.
    When I run the headset, only the back two lights light up. Are they all suppose to be on? The PSVR works great till I have to reset for drift… when I hit reset, it sets the view to the opposite direction of where I was looking. I tried looking for a way to manually set the reset value, but no avail. This is the only issue keeping me from an otherwise awesome experience.


    Ok, so for anyone having the same issue I had with the reset button for drift, I discovered a fix:

    Important to note first that I am using an xbox 1 controller. That said, I bounded the reset key to the xbox gamebar button (the big middle one that glows) from trinus and turned off the gamebar menu from the xbox app. This allowed me to reach the steam vr menu by hitting the xbox button. From there, I went to settings, and hit the recenter view button. This cleared the issue for me!

    The only weird thing now is that the steam – settings: recenter button doesn’t work now, but the xbox button that I’ve bounded works good. No idea why the steam one would stop working…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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