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    ***Sorry If I am posting in the wrong place***
    I am trying out a raspberry pi to run a custom controller (which I know how to do most of it) with android installed (any links needed, I can provide). I had to use some tricks to get trinus hand installed but It seems to be running. I am using a phone as the main headset, btw. I am buying a 6dof sensor to attach soon but I have just rotation sensors for now. I looked at every version of trinus VR and I couldn’t find out how to enable FreePieIO on trinus VR for daydream. I mostly wanted to know if anyone has used a raspberry pi for this and how to use FreePie with a phone as the main headset. I also was wondering how to setup FreePie (not the code, just it in general and to get it to talk with trinus hand). Thanks so much for any replies, in advance.

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