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    Dear users,

    I want Trinus VR to work for everyone, but my resources are limited!
    In order to optimise time and provide efficient support I would suggest the following:

    – Make sure you have read the help page
    – In particular, verify that your issue is not referred in the troubleshooting section
    – Search the forums to see if the problem has been already discussed (and maybe sorted)
    – Try to provide detailed information that could be relevant
    Accurate description of the issue (screenshots might help in some cases)
    Error messages if present (server debug console can be accessed through the Pi sign)
    Used software/game (does it happen only with one application?)
    Related settings (e.g. if it is about head tracking, what sensor output are you using?)
    Sometimes the problem might be linked to a specific Windows version or hardware, consider adding a brief description on your setup

    I might give lower priority to the case if I see it is a common problem that has been already discussed in the forums and/or solved in the help page.
    The good thing about using the forums is that someone else (you?) that experienced the issue might be able to help with a solution.

    I’m sorry I cannot provide multi-language support. If you want to help, maybe you can translate the help page to your own language and help others.
    Alternatively, drop me a line if you have created a tutorial and would like it to be accessible to others through the help page.

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