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    Trinus is now available for All In One Android VR headsets (with HDMI input).
    Trinus AIOVR allows connecting the headset to the PC to enjoy SteamVR and non-VR PC games.
    Currently in early stage of development, find out more at

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    Find out more info on that page eh?
    Theres nothing in terms of getting the program to work on even that page… Only 2 categories of games, and in-program features, not how to get the program to work on Android Nibiru 2.10.000, what these chinesium most likely are shipped with.
    USB would be great to use on these headsets, although theres not really any USB tethering option in these NibiruOS releases of android.
    Please release some much needed tutorials, guides or walk-through’s with the actual hardware you claim to have tested..This is the only website in the world that talks about making useful these AIOVR heasdsets in a generalized atmosphere without actually having such information..


    Have a VR-TEK AVR2 running Nibiru. 5.5″ Qaud HD 2560×1440 per eye. USB debugging is already enabled, no need to enable USB tethering leave it alone, contradicts USB debugging. I am connected and steam vr is working smooth, but have double the image. I adjusted lens distortion and scale but still two images. help im so close..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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