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    Hi guys. Recently downloaded Trinus PSVR, installed the driver, and Steam was able to detect my PSVR. However, I’ve encountered a couple of questions.

    First: I was able to set up the device, but the problem is that when the white space with lines (don’t know how to describe it lol) shows up after I launch SteamVR, the image does not move at all. In other words, the rotation tracking is not working, despite the fact that Trinus PSVR is receiving gyro data.

    Second: when I open a program to test out PSVR, I noticed that two windows open when I open the program, and one of them displays correctly while the other creates a warped vision (the image on the left is too far left, the image on the right is too far right). The problem then, is that I can’t seem to set the displays to “extend,” and as a result both the window that displays warped vision and the window that displays correctly are shown on one screen. I am not sure why I cannot detect my original monitor when I plug in PSVR, but the problem seems to be the PSVR box since the computer recognizes both screens when I connect displayport and HDMI directly to the same original monitor (which is essentially useless, but at least shows that the GPU is working correctly).

    I greatly appreciate all the help from you guys, and I hope these problems can be resolved!!


    For tracking I would try closing both Trinus PSVR and Steam. In this order:
    1) Turn on the headset
    2) Open Trinus PSVR and click start, wait for calibration to complete
    3) Open SteamVR

    Don’t really understand your second issue, but maybe try using the windows key + shift plus the left or right arrows to move an active window to a second screen. That is, when you have the display mode set to extended and the PSVR is the second screen. Depending on what I’m doing mirror displays somethimes works too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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