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    So far so good I think this will be faster.

    I have removed the clips from the GearVR 2016 to allow the S8 phone to be in it with the USB-C cable.

    Can someone tell me best settings for this phone?

    The phone resolution is 2960×1440 so should i have the game set at 1480×1440? Half the width?

    There are fourt settings in Trinus: compatible, games, general, SteamVR. Only steam VR has a resolution of 1920×1080, the others have resolutions of 759×410?? That is way to low. Is there a way to override this and go with native resolution? SteamVR is black screen too..

    Also I am testing GTAV using Vorpex. Will this work at all? This whole steam thing has me confused. Do I install steam driver in Trinus and Turn off fake 3D?, turn off compression?

    It is not a SteamVR game, but it is steam. So what do I do. Sorry been at this for days, even upgraded my phone to test this.

    Thanks in advance!

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