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    one of the first things that came to my mind was second life when i found out about trinus gyre
    too bad they only know the oculus rift :/
    linden labs the creators of second life already released a viewer that supports oculus rift here

    there is also ctrlaltstudio viewer that supports oculus and stereoscopic 3d, but no side by side :S

    i have yet to play more with it, it is working with fake 3d but i couldnt get headtracking to work 🙁


    If you download the project oculus viewer for second life and turn ON the advanced HMD mode in the advanced menu, you will be able to toggle HMD mode on which the headtracking works amazing with. Only problem is the stream of it that’s being shown on the phone screen is too zoomed in and not centered correctly. so it makes it impossible to use. I even turned off the lens correction on the trinus app so i could just get a flat image shown on the screen but its still too zoomed in and not centered correctly. I was able to make this sl viewers’ HMD mode work on my mac partition using splashtop but theres no headtracking app like trinus yet on mac so it sucks you have to move the mouse to look around and not use your head. On my windows partition though i run into problems which is weird because everything else ive tried on trinus works fine like JanusVR. can someone test this out further to figure out a solution on how to make project oculus viewer’s HMD MODE TOGGLE for second life work with trinus gyre? you can download the viewer here.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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