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    Hi, when I switch on Trinus PSVR I keep my headset in a holder so that it doesn’t move, but it still drifts. I have one of those:

    Still, there is a little drift. Every 10-15 minutes I have to alt-tab out of the application or game I’m using, and reset the view. I just can’t calibrate it well enough for this to happen.

    Could you please add some form of drift detection to Trinus PSVR? For example, maybe you could store the direction and time every time I press reset, and trust me that I always look forward, and after 3-4 times it could look at those numbers and detect the drift and correct for it?

    Alternatively, maybe Trinus PSVR could sample the direction I’m facing most of the time, and assume that I’ll always be looking forward (which is true for me, since I only ever use seated games / apps), and average those out, and detect drift that way?

    I would really appreciate some form of correction for this.

    In the interim, would you mind making it possible to bind the reset button together with modifier keys (ctrl, alt, shift)?

    Thank you


    The following helped a little, but the issue is still annoying:

    I didn’t realize it, but it’s possible to use the mute button on my PSVR to reset the view. There’s a picture right at the bottom of the help page here:

    The picture shows a different volume control that the one on mine. The one on the page is a small box located on the cable. That’s for the original PSVR. I have a PSVR 2 and the controls are on the underside of the headset display hull, on the left.

    The drift is still pretty annoying, but that helps make it less annoying.


    along the reset, there’s also buttons to tweak the drift correction factor.
    Usually, you want to adjust the drift corrector before playing (with the headset resting still), but you can change the correction while playing


    Thanks, I’ll try that! What would i do in the UI to correct the drift? If I set my headset down, the volume buttons are on the underside, and I can’t access them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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