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    Greetings everyone!

    After a while the consumer VR was shipped, I thought about try and experience VR with some PC games with google cardboard. So I bought the cardboard viewer and found this great piece of software (Trinus VR). With lack of SteamVR support I made a driver for it. Then I try playing Half-Life 2 (beta) which support VR and the experience was very good and satisfying for a cheap VR!

    If you are interested trying, then let’s begin:
    1) Download SteamVR driver file: (Requires vcredist 2015)
    2) Extract to SteamApps\SteamVR\drivers.
    3) Set Trinus VR Server to use FreePieIO as Sensor Output.
    4) While the phone facing the front (Screen in front of you), start both Trinus VR on the PC and Phone.
    5) Start SteamVR games.

    The experience is very good with my Samsung Galaxy S3. For best result, use Direct USB Connection/Direct wifi hotspot without router.
    If you have Nvidia, use Moonlight. It’s very smooth and the quality is great. Very small latency like 9-11ms (as reported by Moonlight).

    Also, I tried with my brother phone (Galaxy Note 3) and it is smooth and fluid as well using Moonlight, but the driver has hardcoded settings for my phone and stressed my eyes a bit using his phone. I might improve the driver later to have an adjustable distortion settings.

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    • This topic was modified 6 years, 5 months ago by syazaz.

    Hi syazaz,

    This is very interesting. I haven’t been able to make it work yet, probably some bad config on my side. vrcompositor won’t start, this is the error log I get (in vrcompositor.txt):
    Thu Jul 07 2016 15:06:59.577 – //=====================================================================================================================
    Thu Jul 07 2016 15:06:59.577 – VR compositor (v1467410709) starting up
    Thu Jul 07 2016 15:06:59.577 – RuntimePath : D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\SteamVR\
    Thu Jul 07 2016 15:06:59.588 – Events created
    Thu Jul 07 2016 15:06:59.595 – Initializing D3D resources…
    Thu Jul 07 2016 15:06:59.601 – Headset display is on desktop
    Thu Jul 07 2016 15:06:59.602 – Invalid adapter (-1, -1) specified!
    Thu Jul 07 2016 15:06:59.603 – Failed to initialize compositor
    Thu Jul 07 2016 15:06:59.603 – Failed to start compositor: VRInitError_Compositor_Failed

    Could you please drop me an email at (and share your steamvr.vrsettings, as I think I messed it up :p)
    I’d like to work together to get this up and running, for myself and everybody else ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hi loxai,

    Sorry I forgot about crucial part. Since I was unable to work with compositer yet, here the configuration that will make it work:


       "jsonid" : "vrsettings",
       "perfcheck" : {
          "heuristicActive" : true
       "steamvr" : {
          "allowReprojection" : true,
          "defaultMirrorView" : 0,
          "directMode" : true,
          "directModeEdidPid" : 26720,
          "directModeEdidVid" : 1256,
          "displayDebug" : true,
          "forceReprojection" : false,
          "showMirrorView" : false
       "version" : "1"

    The displayDebug made a difference. The compositor will be displayed on your monitor with this settings. You can ignore it and ALT+TAB into the game.


    Hi, I updated the driver but may requires an update from loxai.

    How to use:
    1) Download and extract to SteamApps\SteamVR\drivers
    2) Set Trinus VR Server to use FreePieIO as Sensor Output.
    3) Set your monitor projection to Extended Mode (WIN+P)
    4) Connect and Run the Games/VR.

    At this point, the VR compositor will sit on extended monitor. However this requires an update to TrinusVR to allow streaming the VR compositor instead of active window. Also I found a bug where the Sensor Reset wouldn’t function if the Moonlight capture mode is used.


    Since I can’t wait. Here to make TrinusVR always stream steam VR compositor.

    How to use:
    1) Download and extract to any folder, eg D:\tgextra\TrinusCompositor.dll
    2) Run cmd.exe as administrator
    3) cd to the folder and finally execute the dll:

    cd D:\tgextra
    rundll32 TrinusCompositor.dll,inject

    Enjoy steam VR Games with your phone!

    Tested with InMind VR and HL2.
    With The Talos Principle, I got left eye on vrcompositor, right eye on game window… weird.

    PS: Name is a bit misleading ๐Ÿ˜‰

    , I sent you a mail.


    its work with Steamvr pretty nice yeah, i just tested it. But InMind VR works without Steamvr with only Trinus already really good. I will buy Leap Motion and will it work as the SteamVR Controller than it is low cost SteamVR or a cloned HTC Vive haha.

    orignal german:
    Das funktioniert schon echt gut als SteamVR ich hab es eben getestet. Aber InMind VR lauf auch ohne SteamVR nur mit Trinus schon echt gut. Ich kauf mir bald die Leap Motion und nutze sie als SteamVR Controller dann ist es ein gรผnstiges SteamVR oder eine geclonte HTC VIVE haha ๐Ÿ˜€


    Heyyo, I just made an account to say that Odd Sheep Games and syazaz are awesome! Thanks to your help I got Trinus VR working with SteamVR! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had to set my capture mode to “Default” since fast and compatible didn’t work for me which is found under the main settings where setting Sensor Output to FreePieIO did indeed work as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I can’t test Moonlight since I have an AMD R9 390… Any chance something like OBS with the AMD VCE branch could be made compatible for Trinus VR? OBS Studio’s hardware encoding is still in a unstable stage…

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    Well, it definitely works. Though I wish it didn’t have that forced lens correction, since it doesn’t work very well for my phone/viewer.
    Why did you put that on the driver when trinus has its own lens correction?


    I have a problem. I have no height change and it is in the game as if I sit ? how can i change it ? smartphone is the Samsung note 3



    Unfortunately I am on IOS and don’t have access to trinusVR. Syazaz, if there is any way possible that you could make a steamVR driver that used freetrack instead of FreePieIO, I would greatly appreciate it!!!

    Thanks in advance,



    Hi, syazaz, I managed to run your driver, it shows right “stereo” image on monitor and tracks phone movement but… It looks like steam compositor window captures all key presses, so I cant do anything in-game. Keyboard not working, and numeric keys (1, 2, 3) seem to move camera left and right by fixed angle. Any way to fix this?



    Been a fan of trinus vr since forever.

    When I try this with steam vr I get a red display and no movement

    Any advice?

    I have installed the updated driver and the trinuscompositor.dll

    Thanks in advance

    Looking forward to some hlvr


    Got it to display correctly but no phone movement.

    Any ideas?


    Still no hmd movemwnt with freepieIO.

    Been searching online but cant find a aolution.

    Any Ideas guys?


    I did every step (downloaded and copied driver, made changes in steamvr.vrsettings)but sadly can’t get it to work.
    When i start Trinus, connect phone and then trying to start game from steam VR directory choosing VR(Steam VR mode). SteamVR get’s me message HEADSET NOT DETECTED then nothing happens.
    And when i try register TrinusCompositor.dll i get error “The specified module could not be found”
    Does anyone come across such problems ?
    I’m so badly want it to work, SteamVR in Trinus it’s a dream come true.

    sry for bad English

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