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    Seems to work fine for me, after a little fiddling, the instructions are pants so it’s probably not too obvious.

    Don’t think the installer works fully with trinus so I had to copy the driver manually from the */trinusVR/ext folder to the */steam/steamapps/common/steamvr/drivers folder (copy the whole phonevr folder)

    Then in the trinus PC server under main tab set capture to steamvr and in sensors tab select freepi to steam vr.

    Once that’s done, start steamvr and it just works.

    Hope that helps.



    OK, thx guys. Now its working, just if some low FPS, bus playable. Its working if both freepi to steam vr check and uncheck.

    Edit: Its not low fps, it is some headtrack delay.

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    Hey! I think I might have a doable fix for the lack of positional tracking. How about instead of just not having anything have the position slerp from point A to point B depending on the amount of rotation, so that if the player leans left the camera moves left as well as if it was stuck to an anchor under it instead of at it’s center. Anyone think that’d work? Or would it make people feel dizzy or motion sick?



    Who have those driver files ,which uploaded before please share with me.



    Any news on the FreePie to SteamVR flag in Sensor tab?
    It still does not work.
    I know you are working on positional tracking in PSVR and I understand this is more interesting for you know, but please do not leave us alone with Trinus.
    In Steam VR as I metioned positional tracking is key.

    I noted that you actually do not take the FreePie outputs but directly the FreePieIO[] coming from the PSMove Bridge: if you do that we cannot use FreePie script to filter and adjust.
    If you do not have time please free the code of your Phone driver in Steam VR, I am sure there are lot of good programmers that can help with it.


    FreePIEIO should be working fine, please create a separate thread if you are having issues with it.
    Note that it doesn’t matter where the IO data comes from, whether it is from PSMoveBridge or a script.



    Tested and position is sent to Stream VR in the last version.
    There is still some issue, but as suggested I will open a separate thread.



    What program Should I direct moonlight to to stream steam VR?

Viewing 8 posts - 61 through 68 (of 68 total)

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