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    Hey all,
    been using trinusVR for almost a week now. Got a comfy, cheap headset, created my own 3 LED rig with bulbs in plastic balls (detachable using mounted RCA sockets and powered by USB data cable going to smartphone).

    I’ve got the camera all set up and the position tracking is fine with almost no jitter. was just worried about depth tracking though, as mentioned in the documentation it’s quite unusable.
    So I started looking at other applications. Opentrack is working quite well for me, after a little bit of setting up it does quite a nice position track. it’s rotation is still a bit messed for me, but I figure hey, I’ll just use the phone sensor for that.

    so how do I get the Opentrack position data into TrinusVR?
    I guess through FreePIE_io? I really don’t understand that program, and any script I copy paste from these forums just gives me errors.

    I’ve spent hours on this now and have gotten no where.
    can anyone help?

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