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    Since I updated to Version 1.0.7 I notice a really strong Drift on the pitch axis. After aroung half a level of beat saber i have to look straight in the sky to see the incoming blocks. Resetting the orentaion doesnt really help either. It sets my rotation to:

    yaw: 230 (should be 180)
    pitch: 30 (should be 0)
    roll: 15-20 (should be 0)

    To reset i to the correct values i have to restart Trinus completely. But I cant play anything if I have to restart Trinus every 30 seconds

    In Version 1.0.6b everything was fine (except that it still kicks me out after 15 minutes although i did entered a valid license key).

    My specs:
    CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K
    GPU: AMD RX 590
    RAM: 16GB
    HDM: PSVR Headset only

    Does anyone else have this problem too or am I the only one?


    You are not alone. I get unreliable drift when playing Assetto Corsa (which is the only game I’ve tried Trinus in so far). Sometimes I can go an entire race with the view being pretty much centered where I want it. Other times I end up looking out of the left window at the sky, which is very disconcerting/vomit-inducing at 300 virtual kph.

    Everything else about Trinus is spectacularly great. If only the drift were more reliable.

    (I know this is a very complicated problem to resolve, to be fair.)


    Honestly I purchased Trinus recently by default. I didn’t do my research properly. Trinus was the only PSVR on PC project I was aware of. I regret it.

    I just purchased iVRy instead. Very happy.

    Sorry to throw shade, but Trinus dev is silent, the latest build is broke and it’s not as stable as iVRy.

    Please, Trinus developer(s), keep my money and invest it in further development. I love to support small Deva, but the market has moved away from this project.

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