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    Please excuse my English i’ll try to make everything short.

    My Laptop

    My current Nividia Driver 381.65

    this is the guide i followed

    The PSVR works I’v watched few 360 clips (still having problems with head tracking but i’ll look at that later)

    when i start steam i get “Windows is currently running steam on compatibility Mode…” i dont know if this is what causes my problem but i’v got this message only recently by the time i was installing both Trinus and SteamVR

    My Problem

    When i click on Room setup this message pops “Could not start openvr.tool.steamvr_room_setup. Error was VRapplicationError_IPCFailed.”

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    clicking continue will take me to steamVR room setup but i always get stuck in “Establish tracking” no matter hard i try i can not get pass this step.

    i tried both USB 2 and 3 same result



    sorry i forgot to mention something

    one of the solution replies i found is to delete a certain file in user/AppData (cant remember what it was)

    after deleting the file i ran Trinus and it started with a huge error popup
    restarting the system made trinus work fine again but it didnt solved the problem



    when i close the room setup this error popsup

    VR – Error! SteamVR failed initialization with error code:
    VRInitError_IPC_CompositorConnectedFailed “Shared IPC Compositor Connect Failed (306)”


    I don’t know why you are getting the Compatibility mode message, but that’s the first thing you should fix.
    Then, head tracking needs to be working for the Trinus SteamVR driver to work.



    Compatibility mode has been fixed by deleting something in regedit

    i dont get the “Could not start openvr.tool.steamvr_room_setup.” popup anymore

    but still i cant get pass establish tracking

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    I Found it

    Let me include most of the common solutions for the people who have the same issue

    1 – Windows user name
    many reported that having a windows user name with letters that doesn’t exist in English alphabet would cause problems, there are guides on how to fix this or just make a new windows user name with only English alphabet

    2 – Nividia Driver
    latest updates have problems with VR so you should downgrade your drivers to 381.65

    3 – USB ports
    some people got it working only on USB 2 and some only on USB 3, in my case both of them are working

    4 – Deleting certain files in C:\Users\\AppData\Local\openvr
    now careful with this one because it screwed me over, either i didnt read carefully or i deleted the wrong files. either ways do more search for this one because many reported that it worked for them

    5 – Optimus Laptop
    this was my problem and the fix is
    * open Nividia control panel
    * Program Settings tap
    * Click add and choose VRserver.exe from the drop down menu
    * highlight High-performance NIVIDIA processor
    * hit Apply

    hope this will help others 🙂

    quick fire questions
    1- if my laptop monitor is 60Hz max will that effect PSVR and locking it to 60 aswell?
    2- whats the deference between Duplicate and Extended displays and whats better for gaming experience
    3- what VR player do you recommend? something that works like lilstar on PS4 that can play downloaded clips and use head tracking


    Thanks for the detailed information.
    Regarding your questions:
    1- refresh rate can be affected by multiple things. So the solution/problem can be very hardware specific. For some laptops, the issue is that the Intel card (which bridges the discrete graphics content to output) limits to 60hz regardless of what the dgpu can deliver. In other cases you need to have all displays at the same rate, or be able to set a custom resolution through gpu control panel. Other users reported success setting the PSVR as the main display.
    2- I don’t think there’s any advantage doing duplicate, and makes set up cumbersome
    3- Haven’t really tried any, but there are a few available through SteamVR

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