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    Hey everyone,
    at first respect for the work. It´s great that some people work to enable such projects.
    I observed the development of Trinus PSVR now for more than one year and tried all versions since 9.2. But…I did never get only one version to work fine, and now is the point, I want to ask what I am doing wrong. The problem is a permanent stuttering when I move my head.
    The problem is not the framerate; it appears in 60Hz but also in 90 and 120Hz.
    Everything is fine without movement (smooth animations like flying birds in steemVR home).
    The orientation of the Headset is detected well, without drift etc. .
    I tried also the beta of iVRy and got the same result.
    I changed all cables, nothing changes (they all work well on my Playstation).
    In the mirror, everything is fine and smooth; I can only see the stuttering in the headset.
    Also I´ve got the same issue on my old PC, I thought then, that the system is to week for VR, but now with a GTX 1080 +i7 8700k 16GB DDR4 it should be more than enough to get it work.
    Windows reinstallations, with nothing except steam and trinus also don’t work.
    Is there anything I missed to do?
    Thanks and greetings



    Hey yah! THAT is the best result i ever got. To give you more information:
    The picture is rendered nice and smooth. I get 120Hz without any “plug out the monitor” games. But i had to set The PSVR Display to Display 2 although it´s Display 1. Who cares…
    The only thing left to reach a perfect experiance is a little jerk from the oriantation sensor + some new mistakes in graphics.



    in the psvr headset if you’re seeing it at 120hz it must be fluid without stuttering I suggest you close the steamvr viewing mirror which can cause you problems



    It does not matter if the monitor is n1 or n2, the important thing is that it is set as a main monitor in Windows the one at 120hz

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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