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    Not sure how many people have been trying older games, but after testing the 3d Doom port in the example setup instructions I got the idea to fire up System Shock and YES it is just fantastic. I’m using System Shock portable which has some enhancements and fires right up on Windows 7/8.

    HTC One M7

    Fake 3D Enabled
    Fast Mode
    Quality: I set to high and that worked, adjust to taste.
    No sensor
    Enhanced Motion

    Lens correction
    Enhanced Quality
    Frame Skip

    You can probably adjust the app settings to taste as well, it seemed to be pretty happy with a lot of different settings so just play and adjust to taste.

    I highly suggest using the Portable version of SS (you can google system shock portable) as its added mouselook feature really enhanced the experience. The game looks and lays great via Trinus Gyre and I was blown away how much the 3D added to such an older but classic game.

    On another note, I’ve found just about anything that runs in Dosbox in general seems to work pretty well.


    cool, it’s great to give the good old classics a new life 🙂
    I’m wondering why do you disable the sensor, I understand SS has this dual mouse mode to look around and to interact with items, if that’s an issue while having sensors on, note that you can set a key (default is 3) to ignore headmovements while pressed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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