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    I have bought a license when I first started using Trinus and I entered it and it was accepted. I was using Trinus the other day and there was a popup saying that the trial time expired and told me to enter my license info in the right tab. It stopped the PSVR / SteamVR and quit out of the SteamVR game I was using. I went to the tab and just clicked the button to enter the license key (it was still in the box). However, after I pressed “start” again, I think the calibration didn’t work, or something like that, because when I turned my head left and right (yaw) the view actually rolled, and did so very quickly (like the sensitivity was up by 2x). Rebooting resolved the issue. I don’t get the trial time popup any more. This is not a serious bug but I thought I should mention it.

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