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    I was wondering… has anyone tried this yet?

    I am just starting out in FPV (RC Planes not drones) and am accumulating the bare essentials. However, I wouldn’t fly FPV without a high res camera and screen/goggle and would greatly desire 3D.

    There is already 3D FPV but it’s quite expensive –

    3D Russian camera (two cameras with a chip) = £150

    3D pretty low res FPV goggles = ~£350

    Then there’s the audio and video tx and rx and batteries = ~£60-150 (depending on add-ons such as an OSD, telemetry and autopilot

    All in it will cost you around £600 for 3D FPV and if you crash or lose the plane it’s a loss of at least £250 of tiny FPV gear let alone the value of the aircraft.

    Surely there’s a cheaper option?… I think so:

    You can pick up a mid range single cam FPV setup for about £50 without the goggles. Instead use a VR headset, decent laptop, AV to USB adapter, Trinus VR, Tridef 3D and you could have Stereoscopic 3D on a cheap budget.

    The only issue would be latency as it has to be very low for acceptable FPV flying but as it’s just a video feed, not a game I expect it shouldn’t cause much of an issue provided you have a decent laptop.

    This is all speculation as I haven’t tried it yet. I am buying an Asus gaming laptop soon and have the AV to USB adapter on it’s way.

    Is is likely to work?



    There is affordable wi-fi downlink using off-the-shelf components.
    RaspberryPi+RaspiCam+Wifi-adapter on the drone and special app, showing side-by-side video on android smartphone – just insert in HMD. But there is no Trinus.

    Greetings from Russia..

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    There is low latency solution:
    Xavier, it would be very cool if the same will be implemented in Trinus Unity lib.

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