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    Good morning,

    First of all, I want personally congrats Xavier Selva (Developer) for the actual great progress. It’s true that depending the system you’re running in both sides (Phone and PC) you will get more slowdown / lagy feeling but Im sure with work this will be improved severally.

    I decide to create the present topic becouse if you look on internet about more indeep settings to use the Trinus Gyre software with racing simulation tittles, you would miss critical information becouse there’re no so much users which actually are testing this and a well writen documentation takes some time to complete.. My intention is to pick up here all the questions, answers and tech support about this application for all the users becouse we have so much quality and realistic software in our niche!

    I will start with my personal review, sharing with you all the achieved results and problems I perform during the process.

    Like general point, I need to mention that I connect everytime over specific IP address of my network becouse im unable to connect over USB tethering. Long unexpected error is showing but I will keep trying to see what im doing wrong or if it’s a software bug.

    Those are the general setting that I use for most used racing simulation software:

    It’s important to mention that the reason why Fake 3D is disabled it’s becouse I personally prefered to own a license of the Tridef 3D software which creates differen game profiles to launch in SBS (Side by side) mode.

    Now, refering to each racing simulation software specific ingame settings like display more, resolution, graphic effect, etc …


    I was able to get good framerate and “Low” latency disabling antialiasing and launching trough 3Tridef 3D in full screen. With this change, I was able to maintain the max resolution of my TV (1920 X 1080).

    Apart from that and having TrackIR support enabled into the server side of the Trinus Gyre software I need only to activate the HWPlugin (You need go to the main control settings and scroll down) asigning a key for the action. After that it started to work in a good way.

    Assetto Corsa:

    I really wasn’t able to get ingame. Sadly, I was already getting ACS.EXE stop working message when track and car was loading. Launching trough Tridef 3D, I’ve disabled all the special FX, lowering the max resolution to around 1150 x 900 (I dont remenber right now) and finally selecting display mode output to one screen. Any idea?

    Richard Burns Rally:

    I was able to get ingame but only trough Tridef 3D vision mode and without headtracking.
    Richard Burns Rally doesnt allow any type of mouse tracking so my idea was to use an available TrackIR plugin for hack this function but I didnt find it. There is a Oculus Rift Plugin by Kegetys but this request the Rift hardware logically. Actually I didn’t find any solution.
    Any idea?

    For the moment, those are the tests I perform. Like you can see, there are so much things to discover and perform so I invite to all the racing simulation software user, driver and fans to contribute in the present topic to find the best settings to improve our experiences!

    Thank you in advance.

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    Thanks for the post. I’m moving it to the Games thread as it seems for fitting.


    Allright. Thank you.

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