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    Hi Loxai,

    just want to say…ive been a fan since the Trinus Gyre Days.
    in the last six months or so Trinus VR on Cell Phone hasn’t worked with Steam vr. – Been using Riftcat/Vridge as a Substitute.

    and I got the New PSVR software and its the same Issues…yest Riftcat is fine….

    on both Cellphone and PSVR – When using Steamvr – the main headset doesnt display correctly

    on Cellphone i get a blackscreen, the Right Eye sometimes displays a solid color (red or brown) and the Left eye remains black.

    on PSVR – ON THE psvr I get either the waiting room or as described above – the Headmount Mirror – displays perfectly in Left eye but remains black or a Solid colour in the Right Eye…..

    Riftcat however works without issue – which leads me to suspect a driver conflict….i uninstalled Riftcat and did a fresh reinstall of Steam and Steamvr but the issue remains….

    anybody else experience similar Issues?

    Any Ideas on a Workaround/Fix


    what is your graphics card because low level graphics may cause this (I would test this but it is too difficult to rip pull my 1060 out(it took 1 hr to put IN))

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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