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    So it works now if some one can map the sensor to the right analog stick of the xbox one controller since there is no mouse support.

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    That’s quite interesting!
    Although I would be worried about the extra latency from double streaming…

    Maybe you are able to emulate control with vJoy (
    Alternatively, FreePie could do the job, preparing a script that translates the mouse input to a compatible gamepad format (

    Does it has to be an Xbox One controller, or can it work with xbox360 (or other generic types)?

    Keep me updated on your progress, this could be very cool!


    so i go a switch and connected my pc and xbox one with cable instead of wifi there was literally no lag and neither was there for trinus it was smooth like butter. unfortunately your only able to use a xbox one controller wired to your pc so that it can controll your xbox one. microsoft said they will add mouse and keyboard support. once they do that well have a full vr experience with your amazing app


    This is very cool, I look fwd to that mouse/keyboard support update. Keep me posted, and I’ll try to help anyway I can to get it working.


    I have been streaming with xbox360 for a long time using a capture device on the pc. You could get a “Titan One” usb device to control the game with the tracker.


    Hey, I just tried this as well, and it works fairly well.

    As far as the controller for streaming is concerned, the Xbox site says you can use a 360 controller for Xbox streaming: I don’t have my old controller lying around, so I can’t test this right now, but it seems that it should work.

    I’m guessing there’s more software for emulating a 360 controller right now than an XB1 controller, huh?


    i haven’t tried this with trinus, but streaming my xbox1 to my pc and gaming with a xbox1 controller works fine.


    i have got your own idea !!!!!!!!!!!! damn *-*

    i have played with trinus on xbox one!!
    this is my video
    do you want collaborate with me? we can create a better experience on xbox one!
    please answer me!

    i have written you on your youtube channel


    yeah, @mettsalvo found a cool trick to sort out the head tracking using a controller adapter called Cronus Max.
    Keep us updated on how it works out, looks promising!


    Hi. Is there a tutorial on how to use cronusmax with trinusvr and Xbox one?


    is there any news about Mapping mouse to Right thumb stick in xbox one


    Hi Great Team ,

    I wonder if there is any new news about XBOX (Mapping Mouse as right thumb stick)

    I think it should be not too hard as long both XBOX controller and Phone sensor are recived by same PC.

    The only thing we need to interrupt this code so as to send mouse signal instead of Right thumb stick .

    this kind of update will make huge revolution

    Thanks all


    it is not a simple task to do


    can titan one be helpful , but I think all the work can be done through PC without extra hardware , may be if there is emulator or Binder to bind mouse signal instead of Right thumb stick…

    I’m just thinking loudly


    Hello, my name is Donny, this is a complete guide on How I Set Up Trinus VR to work with my Xbox One.

    No more fps lag
    Gamecontroller at ease
    High quality
    Much more immersion experience

    No headtracking (not a issue while gaming)

    I did this because I wanted to play Forza in VR, also I wanted to because I wanted to use a game controller for comfort.


    Windows 10
    Trinus VR full
    Xbox One


    Here’s the steps you need to follow to setup your VR to Xbox.

    1. Setup your Xbox to stream to your PC

    2. Connect your prefered VR headmount to Trinus VR

    3. Stream your Xbox One to your PC and use fake 3D


    Gear VR Setup to Xbox One

    1. Download package disabler pro (search for “package disabler pro apk” on google)

    2. Disable all oculus & gear vr related packages

    3. Do the steps above

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