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    My quite basic setup:
    Intel i7, 8GB RAM, Geforce 930M (no moonight support), Windows 10 with hotspot enabled
    IPhone 5 IOS 10.3.2
    Internet router US Robotics

    head mount: custom_any
    image scale: retro
    compression: tried from 0 to 50%
    capture mode: general
    sensor mode: mouse
    nvidia optimized: yes
    max frame rate: 25
    queued frames: yes
    fake 3d: disabled
    sensors: default settings

    it seems to works smooth, except for after a random number of minutes the streaming begin to lags and the mouse pointer on pc jumps from one position to anoter (not smooth moving). Same issue on Alien Isolation, Fallout 4, MS Flight Simulator X

    any suggestions?
    thank you


    try a different connection, eg. a different router, or direct wifi tethering (no router)



    Thanks for replying, I’ve already tried yesterday with “netsh wlan” commands and with pc disconnected from the router. A little better, but the problem remains.



    I’ve tried direct connection with wifi tethering (internet offline) but the issue still occurs. I noticed that when the problem occurs, the ping time between the phone and the PC increases and returns to normal only if I disable and reactivate the pc’s network adapter. Once the ping time increases, it remains high even if I close the Trinus app. So it seems that the connection after a while slows down, but I do not understand if this depends on the phone or pc. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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