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    Greetings… I am Hamid Abdullah from Pakistan.. First of all let me appreciate you for developing such a great and very very very useful “Trinus VR”
    You have no Idea what you have done (No one needs Oculus Rift now believe me. 🙂 )
    I am a student of computer engineering (MS). I selected my topic “VIRTUAL Reality Exposure Therapy for the treatment of Glossophobia (Speaking Anxiety) Patients” as my MS thesis..
    I was too much worried as i can not afford Oculus rift and in my country no one has ever even heard about it… I searched and looked every where for a cheap dk1 or something like that but no use… i saw trinus and it changed my life.. i am new to Unity and i dont know much programming. i am a user of MAYA… i downloaded the trinusVR free version without sample from assets store and used some maya fbx models with unity .. i wanted to move in the 3D environment so i looked for a code to move camera with WASD… i dont know how but i succeeded :). i then used a Nintendo Wii and mapped the keys with WiInmote software… That was a great experiment and it worked as well.. My Thesis task was to create the virtual audience and expose the patients there for therapy.. so i used Maya to create the environment and then rendered a Camera Pan (360) video… i then used Arcsoft Panaroma to make the Spherical texture of that video… then i added some real people with green screen and merged them in my spherical texture after chroma cutting In Adobe after effects.. I made a MP4 file…then i Applied that to a sphere in unity and placed the Trinus VR Camera inside that sphere… and Volaaaaaaa… It is working… i am still working on that .. i wanted to share my experience with Trinus VR…I want to buy the full version if that is possible… Thank you so much… Hamid

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    Hi Hamiduzi,

    Thank you for your support and feedback. It’s cool that you managed to get a working version so quickly.
    Would like to see the project (even if it is just a video of the 360 video 🙂 ) once you have it a bit polished. Maybe you can send me a link via We might be able to sort out that full version 😉





    Thank you so much Xavier for your response… i am sorry my English is rusty 🙂
    I will share all of my TrinusVR based projects with you in a few days soon as i give it a presentable shape…

    Thanks again

    With best regards

    Hamid Abdullah

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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