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    I’ve received a Nolo CV1 Kit and im trying to configure it to use it with Trinus. In SteamVR, head rotation is fine, but using positioning tracking, some axis are inverted, (like going forward goes backwards). I’ve tried enable “Use NOLO orientation” but problem persists.
    Using the NOLO test app, everything seems fine with tracking.
    Im using a fresh installation of Windows 10, with just the apps needed for this (NOLO Controller, SteamVR and TrinusPSVR 0.8d)



    I am having the exact same issue. Everything works how it should in Nolo’s visualizer, but once you get into Steam VR positional tracking is inverted (a step left moves you a step right, a step forward moves you a step back, and vice versa) Ive been banging my head against the wall for weeks trying to troubleshoot. My shiny new Nolo has been collecting dust since i got it 3 weeks ago (bought it specifically to use with Trinus PSVR). Thanks for adding the fact you are using a clean Windows install as ive been moments away from wiping everything JUST to see if that would fix it. Wont do that now lol. Please, if you are able to find a fix post back here and let us know the solution!

    To Trinus devs, please adresss this issue if possible! Or if youve already released a statement on it please sticky it here! In the last 3 weeks ive been able to find exactly zero information on this problem ANYWHERE (not many details out there about Trinus PSVR in general…Nolo too for that matter). If this IS in fact a problem with Trinus, knowing that would have saved me a lot of headache! Ive been waiting weeks with money in hand to purchase the full version of Trinus PSVR but I just cant justify the purchase if I cant get it working! Is this a problem with Trinus PSVR? If so, is there any kind of time estimate on a fix? ANY info at all would be appreciated!!!


    I’m aware of the issue and hopefully we can fix it soon. In the meantime, the best workaround is to go to Trinus Advanced tab and set the Yaw offset to 180


    Blade Hawk

    Hi, I have almost same problem as topic starter. Almost.

    I recently bought NOLO VR. And of course it is way better experience then PSVR alone. ‘Cause the main problem with it and Trinus – is the head position. Namely – tilt. It is very frustraning ’cause every time you go from Steam Home to the game, and in it between levels (throughout loading time) horizon is slightly tilting (an some times more then slightly). Hitting reset button every 5-10 minutes annoyes as well. “All axes reset” – is another tiresome “game”.

    But NOLO fixes everуthing. Almost. Then you check – “Nolo VR” in the main tab and “use Nolo orientation” in advanced tab all it is becoming perfect… almost.

    Ingame left and right head movement is inverted. Then you move to right game shows that you go the left and so on. Up/down, forward/backward is way ok.

    If you uncheck “use Nolo orientation” in advanced tab, movement is all right but… annoying head tilting is coming back. Yaw offset to 180 – turns my back to the camera and it is imposible to play.

    Is there a way with “use Nolo orientation” checked to invert left and right? That will be awesome.


    If X axis is inverted, you can use the ‘Invert Nolo X Axis’

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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