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    I am now using the Paid Trinus VR but had installed the trinus Lite version for testing, and early on had this same issue… Instead of the staring menu with the Trinus Logo and settings options, I got a first screen where the image was duplicated, each side having an Purple Arrow and a “Client started (IP: 192…etc)” message.

    Somehow, after several hours, I had managed to get it to revert to the proper screen (I can not change it via my Phone “Back function”or “Force Stop” once this happens), But it happened many times. However I did it I finally reverted it back to the original menu. Enough testing said I should buy the program, which I did.

    The Full version has suddenly gone to showing the two Purple arrows and Client started messages with no access to the original menu for the lens/quality etc menu (don’t even get the Health warning, lol). Unfortunately, I am down with the flu and my Temper is poor and ablity to focus not so great, so my troubleshooting is less than stellar. I HAVE gone through the 40 pages of Troubleshooting in the Forum, but saw nothing remotely like the problem I have.

    That means it is so simple I am missing it and will kick myself soundly when an answer is given…. But I thank you for your time in reading this… Oh, the ‘phone is an R1 HD Blu.


    The arrows indicate that the VR mode is on: follow their direction to see the menu. You can enable/disable VR mode from Settings+ (VR Menus option).
    You can also delete app data (from Android settings>Applications) to restore defaults and get to non-VR menus.



    Thank you. Settings/App/TrinusVR/Storage/Clear-Data did it. Following the Purple Arrows must need a Virtual Cursor on the Phone as sliding my fingers in the direction indicated does nothing except wiggle the arrows slightly and then my fingers fall off the phone ;). If I let it sit awhile, the arrows actually move either to the left or right 45 degrees or so, lol!

    The programs (server and client) work quite well. Added with tridef3d, most of the time the 3d rendering on my low rez phone gives me a thrill / chill at the depth and lack of lag. Sometimes someone gets stubborn, and the side by side in tridef is rendered as just a split screen (not duplicated) on the phone. After some changes (Compatible/Game) I get it back again…sometimes with the desktop visible sometimes without. I Understand it is a work in progress and you have done a very nice job! Thank you for the help, now I need a Playstation 4 HMD to use with your trinus PSVR version!

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