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    I have tried everything to get my Pixel 2XL connected and running on my PC with the new TrinusVR via the Daydream App feature on the newer versions of Trinus, however nothing seems to work. However everything works fine when running Trinus Cardboard, the Pixel 2XL is connected via USB and shows an ip address, and when running the Trinus Cardboard Desktop App it connects when I press start. However I cannot seem to do anything to get TrinusVR to work with DayDream on the new TrinusVR Daydream App. Any ideas? I just get left with the waiting for connection screen on the pixel, when running the newer app for daydream, however no issues on cardboard?

    I tried everything as shown within the help section, nothing works.


    I’m stuck with the same issue.
    Using trinus vr for daydream I can’t achieve connection from USB nor wifi.
    Using trinus cbvr connects in 1 second with the same configuration.
    Did you find any solution?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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