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    i have found, that by far, the moonlight is the way to go for me, much better fps than using usb, but if i use moonlight, it closes the trinus app, meaning i loose head tracking. is this intentional?

    MSI gtx970 4GB.
    I7-3770k @4.20GHz.
    16 GB ram.
    Windows 10.


    No, tracking should still work while Moonlight is active.
    Do you get any error message?
    Does tracking work if you don’t use Moonlight?


    no errors, it just closes as the game is launched.
    i set it to mouse, so i could follow it, and as soon as the game is started, trinus shuts down.

    tracking works fine if i use any other capture method.

    only crashes i have, are if i change quality while its connected. but i can live with that.

    any ideas?


    I had that issue last night.
    Try opening it again when Nvidia Streamer splash is up.
    Should stay open.


    i will try that Jpwinks001. just hope it can be fixed, would be annoying to have to do this every time i launch a game.


    for some reason, if i try to launch a game, with moonlight, it crashes gyre, if i then launch gyre again, sensor readings are not being used in game. not even mouse, but they will work if i then go out of the game, lucky enough i have a new sollution, since i recently got a TrackIR, it allows me to use it for movement, while using the phone as a screen only.

    not the most elegant sollution, but it works for my purposes. and arma 3 is awesome this way 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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