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    A few users have reported calibration problems with current version, where the view keeps spinning.
    I’m starting this thread to review the details and work on a solution.
    If you are facing this problem, please provide these details:
    – PC specs
    – PSVR version (v1 or v2)
    – are you using Force Set Display option?
    – what value do you have for Drift Correction Factor (in Advanced tab)?
    – if you change that factor after calibration, are you able to stop the spinning?
    – if you use the psvr volume buttons (to tweak the drift factor), does it help?
    – any other non-default setting you may have set?

    if you have a screenshot / video showing the problem, or additional info you think may be relevant, please include it in your reply.



    -PC specs: i5 6600 skylake, Radeon Strix 480 8gb, 16gb ddr4
    -PSVR version: 1
    -Force Focus: Will not go to headset without this, got calibration to work with this disabled but have not been able to replicate the results. I also think this is broken when the main display is not 1
    -Drift Correction: -0.011(Cant type in 0, witch i think could be a problem for some people)
    Changing this while its running does not stop drifting for me.
    -Volume buttons do not help my drifting either


    Seems like the issue is linked to the Force display feature (even though I’m unable to reproduce). This would indicate the problem is likely about timing.
    I have prepared a test build that changes the start timing:
    I’ve also increased drift correction accuracy (one extra decimal, around 0.01 is what works best for me)

    Other things to try:
    – a user stated that he had no problem if the psvr is already on when starting Trinus
    – another user mentioned that stopping after calibration and starting again minimised drift

    Also, not really related but, I keep the sensor smoothing around 9.6-9.7 to eliminate jitter.

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