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    I got some great suggestions i would absolute love to see in this app. If you guys were to add these i would make this app my main pc streamer for the vr experience.

    I only ask for 2 things to be added!

    1. Add a option for no split screen. Make it so you can stream already made vr games to your phone!
    2. Make a sensor to control oculus rift plugin. Most oculus rift games don’t control head movement with the mouse or any other sensor.


    1. Disable Fake3d option
    2. Oculus Rift games are made for the Oculus hardware. Request the game devs to make it compatible


    Holy crap i’m stupid! thanks so much.

    Is it possible to even make the oculus games compatible?


    Not at the moment


    But if they are TrackIR compatible (many flight/driving/space games are), then the FreeTrack or TrackIR modes work pretty well. FPS games are entirely mouse based, so the mouse works fine.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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