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    Hi guys! I’m a new user of TrinusVR and I’m really surprised how immersive it is on steamVR emulation! I tried the lite version with assetto corsa using revive injector and it’s really flawlessly but I have some problems with sensor and option choice. With sensor mode A the view often drift to one side of the view; with sensor mode B I have a very big vibration even with my headset on the desk, but it seems to have no drift; Sensor mode C works well for a while, but after some minutes, when I move my head to the left or right, the view goes towards the bottom edges. As suggested on setup guide, I calibrate my sensor and I tried all sensor drift and jitter filter on smartphone app on every sensor mode, but nothing works. The only option that seems to help a bit is dead zone with sensor mode B but movements aren’t so smooth like others sensor modes without this option active. I also tried all the tracking option on the desktop server and I tried the mouse emulation on the screen to see if it was a problem of the game, but the problem seems to be the same.
    I have others vr apps installed on my smartphone and I never had this kind of issues.

    As I said above, I tried trinus on my LG g3 with official marshmallow and my Asus notebook with this configuration:
    Intel core I7 6700HQ
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M 4GB
    Ram 16 GB
    512 GB ssd.

    I hope someone can help me, because I’m really interested on this wonderful app and if it works I want to buy the premium version


    I didn’t try the steamvr option, but I have the same issue with my G3 using Freetrack alt. mode on Assetto Corsa.
    I create a topic some weeks ago explaining this problem.

    I think that it’s a bug of the last release or a new incompatibility with the LGE accelometer, because I try trinus on my old optimus G and I had the same issues. Before this releases I haven’t encountered any problem with the app.

    From what I’ve seen at the moment, change options or sensor modes doesn’t help with this issue

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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