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    Commander KayDee

    Here the short content:

    1. Today I bought a License with payment about PAYPAL. But I did not get a key
    2. After payment there was a incomming e-Mail with the receipt. NO key to unlock the trail version.
    3. So, first contact to the support team at support@trinusvr.com with all the data i got.
    4. Answer from the Trinus was just an automated one. They told me to send all the date they want as a reply on the same e-Mail. I did.
    5. Hours later some one from the support told me that one:
    “invalid>missing error code means you didn’t enter a license key?”
    6. So i send them all the conversations about just one bought License key.
    7. I told him i never had any key to unlock the program.
    8. Everything from start at point 4 as in my discription 🙁 just automated !

    Details here at the last answer from my side to finaly get the key to unlock the trail version of
    Trinus PSVR. The nummers just are some exaple there:

    Realy again ? This is the second time to get my bought License, yet.

    Here is all i got from the ofer conversations:
    My first e-Mail was:

    Hello support team.

    Today i made a PAYPAL payment at 05.Dec 2018 13:56:46 GMT+01:00
    for the “Trinus PSVR” program.


    Here are datas about my payment to you:

    Transactioncode / Transaction ID


    Seller / Merchant
    Odd Sheep SL

    Payment send to:


    How long will I wait for my license ?
    Cause i got the receipt e-Mail but no License.

    Tank you for answer me and have a nice day !

    Commander KayDee

    After this there was an answer from the support:

    For licensing problems, please reply to this message with the following information:
    Trinus version:
    Description of the problem / error message:
    Email address of purchase:
    Your license key:
    Invoice Id (if paid through PayPal):

    Do not send screenshots, just the text for the requested info. It might take a couple of days for me to respond.

    For any other issue using Trinus, please make sure you’ve reviewed the support page (https://www.trinusvirtualreality.com/support).
    If that doesnt help, please provide detailed information of the problem (including, Trinus software version used, hardware/software specs, description of the

    issue, etc.)
    It can take a while for me to respond. If it’s something already explained in the help/troubleshooting or discussed in the forums I may not answer.

    Kind regards,

    Support automated response
    I made what you want with that message:

    Trinus PSVR 0.9.8b

    Description of the problem / error message:

    05.12.2018 16:34:25 License validation failed. Contact support@trinusvr.com for further assistance (include the error message).: invalid>missing
    05.12.2018 16:34:26 Stored id: , current id 141535335 / fd44586g-a9rd-4g56-455e-3u0f8ffhszf
    05.12.2018 16:34:27 Additional info: : full-FFF7DFruwe90rujfE5A91fjdsfC606147 / full-371B682fsdf8792347hksfA0CB3 : 6bc74e9101fshfh897423156509717b1

    05.12.2018 16:34:27 Trinus PSVR is up to date

    Email address of purchase:

    Invoice ID:

    Your answer was just like this one:
    invalid>missing error code means you didn’t enter a license key?

    After that i told you again i miss my bougth key to unlock the full version of Trinus PSVR !
    I payed for somthing. So pleace. Where is my key to unlock the trail version of it.


    Commander KayDee

    At last all is fine ! The VR Madness has begun ! XD

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