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    Firstly I love the idea! Especially the TrackIR integration, that is pure genius.
    I have a bit of a problem though, I live in a shared house and the wireless connection is terrible, meaning that this system is unusable via router connection.
    For the moment direct connection does not work, so before buying the full app I’d like to know that the option to connect via USB cable to the PC will be added, and that the direct WiFi connection is going to be fixed.


    mmm, what problem are you encountering with direct Wifi?
    First connection can be slow and timeout (a few attempts might be needed), but it usually works fine afterwards (until PC restart/suspend), unless the the hardware doesn’t support it, that is, or the server is not running in admin mode.
    In any case, USB option is on the way!


    That’s great to hear that USB is on the way, as it’ll give us an option that is as lag-free and flexible as possible, which I think is really important and I’m sure other will too.
    I only actually tried direct Wifi once to be honest, as I don’t have a frame thing for my phone yet, so I was only testing quickly.
    I’ll give it a good few tries in a minute and hopefully it’ll work, my PC is connected to the internet via ethernet, but I have a USB wireless plugin that I’m using for the direct Wifi, so this might be a bit of a weird setup.
    I’ll test some more and get back to you, but I’m really looking forward to playing Arma and Falcon 4 with this.


    Ok, I’ve tried direct Wifi properly now, I can’t get it to connect.
    The server never gets past the “waiting for client at 7777” stage, and the client app greys out the start button when you press it and then does nothing for several minutes.
    The app then closes saying something to the effect of “could not connect to” it does the exact same thing that it does if you run the app without the server running.
    I hope this is of some help.


    Looks like the IP address is not set correctly:
    From the server side, there is an IP dropdown selector. If only one network is detected (like your PC connected through wifi/ethernet to the router), the dropdrown is disabled (and the visible IP is used). BUT, when you activate Direct Wifi, a new network is created, with a different IP (which in most cases is automatically selected in the dropdrown, now enabled because there are two networks).
    On the Android side, there are two steps you need to do:
    First connect to the Direct Wifi network name (MyServer by default).
    Then, from the Trinus Gyre app, you want to update the IP to the one selected on the server. This should do the trick, just remember that establishing the connection for the first time might timeout on first attempts, but it works eventually (I believe this is related to how Windows implements hosted networks, might differ depending on hardware).

    There’s a quick video guide that covers the steps I mentioned:


    The IP dropdown gives me three options even though there is only one connection to the PC (ethernet), it gives which seems to be the default, and also and
    Running the direct wifi resets it back to and I can connect my phone to this network successfully. When I set the IP in the client and try to connect it behaves in the exact same manner that it does if I either fail to run the server of fail to click the start button on the server.
    To be more specific, it does nothing for several minutes and then closes returning the errors in my last post, if I press back the client closes and returns the message “Unfortunately, Trinus Gyre has stopped.”
    The fact that it behaves exactly the same regardless of the server being run, but that the wireless network is created successfully leaves me a little confused.

    I have made it work over the router network, I just have to be three rooms away from my PC before I get a connection, when I am it does work perfectly though, so the issue is in the direct wifi connection somewhere.

    Personally I’d probably prefer to use a cable anyway. Is there any way to achieve that now?


    Ok, the automated selection is not perfect. I will try to fix that. is certainly not the correct Direct Wifi network, but probably your ethernet IP (you can run ipconfig from command line to see all the existing IP configurations).
    I’m pretty sure the right one is one of the other two (17.1 or 88.1). You can either try them both or go to your phone settings->status and see the IP address as something like 192.168.x.y. Then use the IP matching the x number. Of course this is a bit convoluted and I need to improve the Direct Wifi option. But that’s the solution to try with the current version.
    As for USB, the update is coming very soon. If you want to try now you can Google about USB reverse tethering. There are a few methods to set it up, none of them are trivial though, and I cannot confirm it will work (some user reported it to work).


    When the direct wifi is running and the phone connected, the phone status reports an IP of and this IP doesn’t appear in the dropdown menu, perhaps it would work if I could manually set the correct IP.
    I did try tethering briefly and it didn’t want to work, it’s the same behaviour as with direct wifi.
    I’m eagerly awaiting the USB update, as soon as it comes in I’ll be buying the app and ordering one of the goggle frame things (no idea what to call them!).
    Falcon 4 with this is going to be an absolute joy, I can’t wait!


    The IP you see on the phone side is not exactly the one to use, the important part is the first three numbers 192.168.173.y so if the phone report says and the dropdown has, you want to use the latter (on the dropdown and typed in the client textbox).
    You can call the google frame thingie Google Cardboard 🙂 or I guess generally ‘phone headmount/headset’ if you are going for a better version (in plastic and with nice foam/rubber finish).
    Haven’t tested Falcon 4, but hope it works well. If so, please post on the Games forum.


    Yeah, I knew that already, the closest one is if you put a custom IP option in the next version of the server file I can test it.
    I’m probably going to look for a nicer one, although a friend of mine has been looking at it a lot, so he’ll probably have advice for me.
    Once I can get it working I’ll test Falcon4, Arma2 and FSX, although at a guess anything with TrackIR support should work to a decent extent.
    One thing to maybe think about for future editions is the option to disable control inputs from the phone (unless setting it to External already will?). Might seem odd, but I could never play Quake with head inputs, as it’d break my neck and be too inaccurate, so the option to use it purely for video would be cool.


    uh, so if the right IP is not showing on the dropdown there is some other problem there… as it should show all IPs for existing networks… weird…
    I’ve been having trouble with Arma 2 and TrackIR, it won’t work for me unless I use FaceTrackNoIR first. I guess I’m missing some step that Arma expects…
    The external option will do the trick (it is meant to allow using a third app to take care of sensor management, but if you don’t use one the data will be unused).

    Because I’m nice and I generally prefer users to keep their necks unbroken, I added these three actions (bottom of sensors section in the server) for quick turn and ignore sensor, so if you map controller buttons or keys to them you can do a quick turn left and right or ignore sensor data (while pressed). The ignore action is good to reposition your head to a comfortable position (i.e. you are looking left with your head, press the ignore, look ahead, release and you are still looking left in game but not in the real world).
    Alternatively, what I do for fps is either stand or use rotating chair combined with a wireless controller. Of course this only works with Wifi mode, not the upcoming Usb, but… well, I’m giving options 🙂


    That’s cool, the external option will be a lot easier than disabling the sensors on the phone.

    That’ll still work with USB, you’ll just need a really long cable! The fact that you’re giving options is the best part, as things like this can be a bit idiosyncratic to get working for your individual setup and the games you play, the more options the easier it is going to be to get everything working.

    I’ll try again with my ethernet unplugged, maybe that’ll change something.

    I did see those buttons, yeah, they’re going to be an absolute godsend, especially for playing FPS games.


    The USB connection mode is working nicely in terms of function, but there’s a big problem with it:

    It disables your internet connection.

    This is with an ethernet internet connection and is inherent to either Android or Windows, as soon as USB tethering is turned on the internet connection to the PC drops out and only returns when tethering is disabled.
    In Windows it causes the Network settings dialogue to freeze, meaning that no changes can be made to try to restore the internet connection, literally the only way is to stop USB tethering.
    This not happening when running either you client or server, so it’s not a problem with something you’ve done, it’s something with the way Windows handles network connection, I reckon.
    Is there any other method that this can work besides USB tethering?

    I’m ordering a frame today, so I’ll buy the full version of the app later after I’ve set up my Android store (new phone, see).
    This connection issue isn’t so much a problem for me, as I’ll likely only really play offline flight sims with it so I can handle the internet being disabled, but it might be a problem for others.


    Yes, that is a disadvantage of using USB tethering. There are some alternatives, like USB reverse tethering, but it seems to be more complex to setup, requiring additional drivers and Android SDK stuff to be installed on the PC. I chose to favour the easier system despite the no network problem… there might be some way to inform windows which network to use for internet, but haven’t researched/tested… something like this:

    I will stick to current usb solution for now, and consider alternatives as a lower priority task (need to sort out some VR protocols code first).

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