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    Hi Guys,

    I’m having an issue when using Trinus with my Note 4. Basically, when either tethering or wireless I get extremely low frame rates with Trinus. This happens even when using the fast video modes and the lowest video resolution in game. However, for the heck of it, I installed Trinus on my work phone ( which is a crappy LG Leon) and it works great. I would just use that phone except for the fact that the phone’s resolution is low. Also, when using the Note 4, the PC application displays a yellow exclamation point next to the frame rate indicator. Any ideas?


    you might need to update your Samsung USB driver.
    As for the yellow exclamation sign, if you hover on it you can see what’s the problem



    Since this topic is about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 I decided to post my problem here.

    Here are my specifications (I will describe the problem itself afterwards)

    – PC(Laptop):
    MSI gaming laptop
    I7 4700 series processor
    Nvidia GT850M Graphics Card

    – Phone:
    Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    – Headmount:
    Homido Virtual Reality Headset


    The first things I did were:
    – Install Trinius App + TriniusVR program for pc.
    – Watch the youtube video about how to set it up
    – Start up the app + the pc program and connect it.
    – Start up GTA5, put it in wondowed mode and started playing.

    THe problem is, the video quality was horrible, The screen didnt fit. Seemed like it did not have the correct resolution.
    So I started browsing the internet abit about this problem and tried other games…
    Every game I tried (SupCom2, GTA 5, Star Citizen, Minecraft, and a couple more) have very bad video quality, some have more lag than others and I dont see everything, the borders arent visible on my phone.

    Do you have any idea’s on how to fix this, or if my phone is just too big for the headmount ? I know the Note 4 is a bit to big for the Homido mount but Homido says its Note 4 compatible and I did not see any big problem with the size when I checked.

    I hope I gave you enough information for you to help me out!

    Kind regards,



    It sounds like a dpi setting issue, disable it for Trinus as described in the troubleshooting page:


    Hi Guys,

    I have a Note 4. I think I have found the problem, the screen resulution and DPI are to high.
    So I solve the problem (Gta V Lag)

    First you must be rooted your phone
    download from the playstore: NOMone Resolution Changer
    Change your resolution like 1280 – 800 dpi 200 example
    That’s fix my problem with the lag and everthing

    download also a custom launcher.. Maybe your normal samsung launcher don’t works anymore because
    the resulotion scale

    Floris from the Netherlands

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