Please help. Big issues. Galaxy s6, gear VR.

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    Hi. I hope i can get help on here. I have downloaded the “Play cardboard app on gear vr”…
    I set it to google cardboard. Then i load up trinus..
    But i can’t get my lens to work at all with good focus, so i can see the two seperate come into one big good picture. It’s all over the place. I want to read lines and see the picture like in Gear VR games…

    So. Please help me out anyone! I’m trying to play half life 2, but hve not come close to start the game. Need to get this working.
    What option should i use first in the settings?
    Cardboard 5.5 or Gear VR option b?

    I thought i would use the Gear VR option b…

    But the lens. Please help me out with settings on the lens for a good clear picture. I hope i can get a similair experience with trinus like in the Gear VR games. Right now i am trying, but i have not come close and get dizzy.
    Thanks allot! Peace


    I use a Galaxy s6 with Trinus and VRelegant headset.
    I use the Head Mount in GearVR_Option B, but even in default_Any, no bug.
    For you, you have to make an adjustment of the IPD.
    Or change headphones VR …


    Hi. Thanks. Yes, i will try this in a week. I will build a pc, and after that i will try this and get the right settings. I did not try that hard last time. I bet this app is brilliant when used right. 😉
    I will get it to work later on, and then buy the app. Peace out

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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