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    @Odran, selecting SteamVR ignores the selected sensor mode (since it uses SteamVR sensor protocol).
    The exception is The FreePie checkbox, which will take input from FreePieIO, but this feature still needs improvement.

    , make sure there’s a phonevr folder in steamvr/drivers folder


    Thanks Loxai for answering.
    I understand you are working on the FrePie Checkbox feature, but do you have any plan for releasing it?
    In the meantime what is the expected way of working/inputs format? I will be happy to test it.
    The Steam VR feature without position is a main issue in many Steam VR games.
    Kind regards

    AvatarCommander Riker

    I have a problem with SteamVR,
    Capture Mode set to SteamVR and by connecting Server and Client (Connected WLAN or USB-Tethering ok) I didnĀ“t get a second display. I detected a phonevr folder in Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\drivers. I start SteamVR, I get a message like VR-Headset is not detected.

    If I set Capture Mode to Game or General and I started the game with Tridef3D, it works proper.
    But without headtracker function.

    I want to play eg. project cars in VR Mode.

    Can somebody help me?


    Could anyone take a look at this reddit page, concerning Trinus – steam vr?

    Steam vr on Trinus 2.0.8c, help needed from TrinusVR



    try a different capture mode and/or windowed mode

    AvatarCommander Riker

    its really doesn’t matter, what capture mode is used, windowed mode or not.
    SteamVR starts with message “VR-Heatset not detected”

    it is absolutely necessary for SteamVR the second display. But if Trinus is connected with phone, no second display is available…

    TrinusPSVR works proper with SteamVR and the second display is available.


    @loxai – Did you guys give up on the trinus vr server for phones, and just moved on to psvr?
    If not, i just want to ask. how do i get the darn thing to work. I’ve tried alot of things but the steam vr option just doesn’t work no matter what I do.

    AvatarCommander Riker

    I’ve no idea why the SteamVR Option is built in and nobody get them to work…
    Thats a reason for me, not to buy this app.


    hmmm maybe put another link to download Phovevr that goes in the folder steam … This dai is reserved and impossible to download … Thanks!

    AvatarCommander Riker

    loxai…is there a solution available?

    AvatarCommander Riker

    Can somebody send me a link to the older version 2.0.7 ?
    I just watched a video, that will work with SteamVR


    I’ve been trying to get this working for hours and it’s getting frustrating. If you advertise “SteamVR” on your web page, then your app should work with SteamVR, no?

    I checked and I have the phoneVR folder in the drivers folder for SteamVR. But no matter what, I get the same error message:

    “Headset not detected.”

    What is the solution?


    I am getting a black screen on my phone when trying to use SteamVR, even on version 2.0.9. I have tried almost everything and im about to give up and just blow money on a used DK2.


    I have the same problem if the 2.0.9 version. The Steam VR does not recognize my phone as a head set.
    There is a folder named phonevr in the sten vr driver folder.
    What should i do to appropriately set the trinus sevrer to steam vr recognize it?
    There is some tutorial?

    PS: the help page insite trinus server app is totaly outdated.


    Are we being abandoned?

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 72 total)
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